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  1. vocalist looking for established rock band
  2. Seeking bass player for metal band
  3. Looking for vocalist
  4. Drummer available
  5. Looking for drummer to play in hardrock/metal band
  6. Keyboardist/singer for sale
  7. Female singer looking to do something..
  8. Gulfport singer looking for band
  9. line 6 hd 500
  10. looking to join or statart a band
  11. In search of a solid drummer, bass,and singer!!!
  12. looking to jam?
  14. Searching for Metal Guitarist and Bassist
  15. Drummer LF cover group or good original group!
  16. Singer looking for good acoustic guitarist/band
  17. Keith Johnson looks to play bass w/band
  18. Christian rock singer original music looking for a band.
  19. pod x3
  20. Looking for a Metalcore/Deathmetal/Progresive metal guitar player
  21. Cathercist seeking Frontman
  22. Prog rock group looking for musicians
  23. established metal band looking for drummer and second guitarist
  24. Warp Tour
  25. Punk
  26. Dedicated , Female ROCK s Female Rock singer wanting to make $ WHERE THE HELL ARE U
  27. Area Musician Contact Thread
  28. Looking For Band Navarre, FL
  29. Dance/Rock cover band seeking Keyboardist for clubs/casions
  30. guitarist looking for a band
  31. We are in need of members
  32. Screamer looking for a band:
  33. Metal band looking for bassist
  34. Singer looking for an acoustic guitarist
  35. Established band looking for Singer
  36. metal guitarist needed
  37. Seeking Keyboardist for Rock/Dance Band
  38. Looking for band members! Ocean Springs, Mississippi
  39. Former lead vocalist of Cathercist looking for band to play with
  40. cb and i are looking
  41. Drummer Looking for Work
  42. dedicated metal guitarist looking to start a band
  43. In dire need of a drummer and/or keyboardist
  44. Soul Driven is Lookin for a Drummer.
  45. Derek Pardoe and Cedric Feazell Need....
  46. Metal/Hardcore band looking for bassist (possibly drummer)
  47. Purity Undone looking for members
  48. bass job(sort of)
  49. Two man band
  50. metal tube amps
  51. 5th Gypsy is looking for a bassist.........
  52. Bass Player needed
  53. singer looking for band
  54. upcoming metal band seeking singer. think lamb of god etc.
  55. Looking For Blues/Rock Bass & Drummer
  56. Bass Player Looking to Collaborate!
  57. OneSweetSin Needs Bass Player Because We Don't Have One
  58. lookin for a bass player
  59. Split 6 needs a new singer
  60. Singer looking for band
  61. Drummer seek's band or musician's
  62. emg pickups
  63. Got Drums?
  64. amp questions
  65. bassist need for a hard rock band
  66. Singer looking for acoustic guitarist or band
  67. singer needed
  68. Jane Doe's Dead - Searching for Lead Guitarist
  69. EPK's?
  70. lookin for a bass
  71. Touring band looking for singer...
  72. got my esp tonight
  73. waveland ms
  74. question about hot plate
  75. Looking for Guitarist / Singer
  76. Band looking for Bassist!!!Must have own rig
  77. Southern metal/metal band forming
  78. starting a classic rock/southern rock band
  79. pod xt live
  80. power attenuator
  81. Singer And Drummer looking for Guitar and Bassist.
  82. Country and Southern Rock Frontman looking
  83. We need a bassist/singer
  84. seeking female singer for metal band
  85. heavy metal project
  86. Drummer and Bassist needed
  87. bass player:wanted
  88. New band forming - bass and drums needed
  89. Vocalist in search of a band...
  90. back-up vocal & acousitc guitar
  91. string for a FR
  92. starting a heavy metal band
  93. Wanted members for upstart country band
  94. looking to put together something new
  95. Drummer & bassist looking for musicians!
  96. drummer needed
  97. Metal crunch Power groove
  98. blues /southern rock
  99. need cubase help!!!!!!!!!!
  100. Bassist looking for fill in gigs
  101. Starting a band
  102. pro tools
  103. Singer looking for band / Biloxi / no cover bands!
  104. any acoustic guitarists / singers looking for accompaniment?
  105. Trying to form a Christian/Metalcore/Death Metal Band
  106. This seems to be a monthly thing here
  107. Pro drummer looking for a gig
  108. singer/ screamer
  109. Aerosmith looking for male vocalist
  110. Cathercist needs a bass player! PLEASE READ
  111. Studio for Hire
  112. dumb to set action on a bass
  113. seeking a metal drummer n bassist
  114. Searching for Singer and Drummer.
  115. Variety band seeking female singer.
  116. needed bassist and drummers
  117. compromise
  118. gear debate
  119. 4PointDay
  120. check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  121. I'm a Bassist looking for musicians wanting to play Metal
  122. seeking a drummer
  123. lookin for recording software
  124. Experienced Rock Guitarist Seeks Band
  125. lookin for bassist and singer
  126. Wanted - Bands for Military Appreciation Concert - Memorial Day (Spanish Fort, AL)
  127. looking for bassist/guitarist/drummer (1 PERSON)
  128. Guitarist looking to start band with original sound!!!!!
  129. NEED BASS!!
  130. Band looking for singer (Deftones, Thursday sound)
  131. !!UPDATE!!Seasoned Drummer looking for long term Band!! !!UPDATE!!
  132. jam anyone?
  133. Forming new project
  134. Lead Vocalist Looking for a band
  135. Looking for an aggressive, hard rock, punk, metal drummer
  136. Experienced Drummer looking for a gig on the coast
  137. Keyboard/female singer
  138. I have noticed something locally
  139. Need guitar player for Curtis Loew Band
  140. Singers Step Up!
  141. Auditioning Keys and Guitar
  142. New Band Looking for Bass Player
  143. Drummer Look'in!!
  144. Singer (Alice in Chains / Shinedown)
  145. Drummer Wanted....
  146. Bass or Guitar Player
  147. Castor Troy Looking for a bassist?
  148. Looking to start something......anything.....
  149. Standing Offer
  150. looking for a new lead singer
  151. Female Vocalist looking for Acoustic Guitar &/or Keyboard player
  152. Pro Drummer available for sub work
  153. Looking for drummer to join our band
  154. Waitin on JaKe looking for singers
  155. Bass Player Looking
  156. drummer???????
  157. Bloodrust is seeking front man
  158. Guitar player looking to join or start a band.
  159. Need "JAM ROOM" to Rent in Port Neches Area..
  160. Musician looking for established band
  161. Guitarest Looking
  162. bloodrust new page
  163. Metal Band seeks Singer and Bass Player
  164. Delta Reign needs bluegrass/swing rhythm guitar player...
  166. Singer - yes, another one.
  167. 13ON Seeking Guitarist
  168. Southern Rock Guitarists
  169. Need a drummer?!
  170. Looking to rent practice space
  171. Rock/Blues/Jazz/Funk Drummer wanted!
  172. drummer for hire (very desperate to jam)
  173. Looking for other Musicians...
  174. practice space
  175. Looking for a band or the like...
  176. Anyone looking for a singer/keyboardist?
  177. Indie/Experimental
  178. Do you play BASS?
  179. Originals Only...
  180. Guitarist/Singer Looking to Indie/Prog Start Band
  181. Dummer Needed in D'Iberville
  182. established band looking for talented bassist
  183. Exp. Guitarist looking...
  184. Drummer Needed!
  185. guitarist needed
  186. 70's and 80's-style rock band looking for Keys/vox
  187. I forgot how hard it is
  188. --Drummers--
  189. drummer wanted or guitar player available
  190. "Drummer needed" post #8560
  191. Rock Singer Looking For Band
  192. Escape From Instinct still looking for TALENTED drummer
  193. Drummer looking for band.
  194. Band looking for rhythm guitarist and singer
  195. rock band seeking dedicated drummer and bassist
  196. Singer/Guitarist looking for a band...
  197. Biloxi Area Singer Wanted
  198. Singer looking in Pensacola
  199. Houston Vocalist needs players!!
  200. We need a drummer!!!
  201. Bassist for Hire
  202. Screamer looking for
  203. Availible Drummer Here!
  204. Still need bass player
  206. Drummer still looking
  208. DRUMMER to JAM?
  209. Ok guys
  210. Just To see
  211. Looking for hard rock singer..
  212. Drummer wanting to start a Queen Tribute Band
  213. Drummer needs band
  214. Young lady needs a band to sing in.
  215. Drummer / Guitar Player available
  216. Bass Player
  217. Lookin for people to start a Staind based band in biloxi MS

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