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  1. My avatar
  2. Bret Michaels at The Dock
  3. Dead Fish Washed up in Biloxi
  4. Congress to sneak in health care
  5. Awww, bloody lip...
  6. Obama declares state of emergency -H1N1
  7. The Goldstone report
  8. Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize?
  9. Those Olympic Racists
  10. Greenshoots
  11. Fast Food Theology
  12. Voting for BLANK checks, ooops I mean bills
  13. New Fashion Rage in Mug Shots
  14. June 8 1967
  15. Nominating a Racist for the Supreme Court
  16. Microwave Ovens
  17. Dueling Political Correctness Muslims v Gays
  18. I'll be going to jail
  19. spying againt the U.S. is ok
  20. Chrysler bankruptcy Obama threatening creditors
  21. New York City "The Brave One" gun control creating more criminals
  22. Air Force One buzzes New York City
  23. Swine flu: Obama willing to kill you to protect illegals
  24. Obama to do something Right
  25. I believe these guys
  26. Helping the TERRORISTS suceed and prosecuting the Bush admin
  27. Free NRA membership
  28. Veteran or conservative = right wing extremist!!
  29. Global warming?
  30. Somali Pirates
  31. Obama to give amnesty to illegals?
  32. "...these exceptional public servants..."
  33. America's Broken Economy: How, Why, and the Only Solution
  34. Another broken Obama promise
  35. Making soldiers wounded IN COMBAT pay for their wounds!!!
  36. Obama and Chuckie are soooo mad about AIG bonuses
  37. HR 1388
  38. Chuck Norris is pissed
  39. New American Tea Party?
  40. Egad: Rush Liumbaugh doesn't want Obama to suceed
  41. Stem cell research
  42. The Wheels of the Bus Go Round-n-Round...
  43. More from the "Tolerant, Peaceful" Religion of Islam
  44. Bush Secret Anti-Terror Memos Released
  45. for a good laugh!
  46. The Bailout Mascot
  47. History 101 - Liberals and Conservatives
  48. You don't speak ill of Israel in Euorpe
  49. Obama can't, or WON'T, even count
  50. Dascle's Hopes DASHED
  51. Bruce Springsteen Stinks up the Super Bowl
  52. The Porkulus Bill
  53. Obama mad about CEO bonuses but doesn't give a shit about Democrat's carribean junket
  54. Thanking Obama for a Super Bowl win!!!
  55. Iceland collapsing
  56. The VIDEO of the dayJesus shoe'd Dick and Bush the door lol
  57. White Guilt is Dead
  58. Here's your "change" and "Transparency"
  59. lol @ the "Heroes of the Bush Years"
  60. Increased shoplifting is another sign of bad times
  61. President Bush has written to family of every single fallen soldier
  62. Madoff
  63. The Automotive Bailout
  64. Happy Pearl Harbor Day
  65. Russian economist's US prediction
  66. The Wrong Lessons of Iraq
  67. Likely scenario of the financial crisis
  68. Wanna protest?
  69. The Fariness Doctrine
  70. Farm Aid President Willie Nelson Offers Resources To President-Elect Obama For Creati
  71. Obama and the plunging stock market
  72. Obama Elected! Featuring Walton and Johnson
  73. Lame excuses IRT not voting
  74. Whitetrash Hates Obama
  75. How's your 401k?
  76. The RIGHT to have your ONE vote counted
  77. The Tomato bubble
  78. Obama supporters know the issues, oh yea.
  79. Caption this......10/12/08
  80. Chavez calls Bush comrade
  81. Who are you voting for?
  82. Bailout marks Karl Marx's comeback
  83. I Wrote You A Song Launches
  84. Ted Nugent Reaches Out To Sarah Palin
  85. Is the economic crisis over?
  86. Religion is Bullshit
  87. Black Preacher condemns Obama, praises Palin.
  88. Sarahcuda
  89. Heart Apparently Doesn't Think Palin is a Barracuda
  90. did 'Voodoo' curseS make Gustav and IKE turn away from Gulfport?
  91. The PUSSIFICATION of America
  92. Show Your Pride
  93. McCain did well tonight part 2
  94. McCain did very well tonight!
  95. Georgia/Russia
  96. Diversity gains in Pascagoula
  97. Pam Anderson is backing Obama!!!
  98. So, the news got my attention the other day...
  99. The Supremes Finally Get One Right!!
  100. Mean-spirited polictics liberal style
  101. Kanye West Making Axl Rose look cooperative and optimistsic
  102. The Free exchange of ideas liberal style
  103. State denies cancer treatment, offers suicide instead
  104. Federal CDC using DUCT TAPE to contain biological weapons
  105. Floodwaters in the Midwest vs. Post-Katrina New Orleans
  106. Al Gore Still GUZZLING energy at an alarming rate!
  107. Obama SUPPORTS "failed policies of the past" on terror
  108. Drive-by Democrats playing "Weekend at Bernie's" with Tim Russert's death
  109. US Supremes say POW's have to have access to Johnny Cochran
  110. the Future of Free Speech-Liberal Style
  111. Obama's birth certificate
  112. Bush: Troops could miss paychecks, civilians could be laid off
  113. It is Time to Drill for our OWN Oil!!!!!
  114. Tips on saving money
  115. Little Bush and a sense of humor
  116. So I paid $4.25 for diesel
  117. Who wants a Riot in Denver????
  118. Barak Obamas' preacher ???????
  119. Was apartheid a good thing?
  120. Where did the White Man go wrong?
  121. Bill Clinton Albatross Around Hillary's Neck??
  122. And on the lighter side....
  123. Vancouver Subway: Pay Your Fare or get Tasered
  124. The Pope is here
  125. Booooos fall on Pres. Bush
  126. Free speech liberal style: Blast Bush ok but don't blast others
  127. Bush Administration to the LEFT of Jimmy Carter
  128. Abortion Doesn't Decrease Crime
  129. Obama's Weatherman connection
  130. Should the U.S. Boycott the Beijing Olympic Games?
  131. Hillary: Lying is nothing new (fraudulent Watergate brief)
  132. New Process converts plants to Oil
  133. America needs a leader like this
  134. Day of Silence
  135. ARMY RE-ENLISTMENTS...Up or Down since 2001?
  136. Bush's $50 billion contingency fund
  137. Some questions about race and "other"
  138. SNL, Hillary or Obama: Which is the racist?
  139. More free speech liberal style
  140. Ding dong the witch is dead! ( ahhh not so fast)
  141. Judge orders homeschoolers into government education
  142. Jack Nicholson approves this message...
  143. Economic collapse
  144. Another Border Patrol Agent on Trial
  145. Neil Young
  146. Ted Kennedy makes William Hyung sound like Luciano Pavarotti
  147. McCain/ NY Times' Honeymoon's Over!
  148. Fidel Castro Steps Down?
  149. Plagiarism, Clinton and the drive-by idiots
  150. Idiocracy
  151. Croc Hunter's son Bitten by Snake
  152. Briana Denison ...girl found dead in Reno
  153. Romney endorses McCain
  154. My Avatar
  155. John Stewart hates history
  156. John McCain is NOT a 'NATURAL BORN' American so how can he become president?
  157. If your'e voting for Hillary.......
  158. Canada's Immigration Problem
  159. Ann Coulter Supports Hillary???
  160. Cool Site
  161. Microsoft giving up on VISTA, all flavors
  162. Nat'l Taxpayers Union rates the candidates
  163. New word/phrase for the dictionary
  164. McCain
  165. Gun Control: Feeling Safe vs. Being Safe
  166. HR1955 another patriot act?
  167. Another pick your candidate thing
  168. Subprime Nation
  169. Big Brother Bill Gates??????
  170. "Educators" can't even define JIHAD
  171. is it really so hard to believe?
  172. Iranian Speedboats and Death threats
  173. The Crying Game
  174. ABC/Fox Debates? Who's your candidate?
  175. what does this mean to you
  176. know your enemy
  177. Dirt People ban the Incandescent Light Bulb.
  178. Judge orders musician NOT to play music publicly
  179. Another Reason I'm glad I don't live in New York
  180. Free speech Penn St students dress up as dead W Virginia students
  181. Pelosi et al KNEW and APPROVED of "torture" in 2002
  182. Iran drops the dollar
  183. No Nukes In Iran
  184. Republican You Tube Debate
  185. I'm Changing My Vote...
  186. Hadditha: Marine charged with failure to report a non-crime???
  187. Border Agents' ACCUSER caught With 2nd load of Pot
  188. Even more PN run Amok: Red/green xmas lights too "religious"
  189. Hillary Taking $ from People Bill Pardonned!
  190. "Religion of Peace" sentences rape VICTIM to 200 lashes and 6 mos jail
  191. Blatant Gender Discrimination: Sex with student cases
  192. "Virginity Repairs" and the Religion of Peace
  193. Free Speech Muslim Style
  194. More PC run Amok: Santa Claus is a Pimp!
  195. More "free speech" liberal style
  196. More "free speech" liberal style
  197. PC run Amok: Police can't even DESCRIBE criminals without being "RACISTS"
  198. Muslim Cleric on "How to beat your wife"
  199. Tim Russert promoted out of the drive-bys
  200. Lawyer Jokes
  201. China, the Olympics, Christians and the Drive-bys that hate them
  202. University of Deleware "All whites are racists"
  203. There may be Justice after all!
  204. Why do the Terrorists support Hillary?
  205. ?'s the Drive by's will NOT ask Hillary
  206. Reaper aerial killbot harvests its first fleshies in Iraq
  207. Free Speech LIBERAL Style
  208. A jab at Wal-Mart
  209. Alcoholic Elephants Electrocute Themselves
  210. Colbert Can't Raise Money from Doritoes But Hillary can from Chinese Dishwashers
  211. Get Your Smoking License
  212. The Senate trying to ram Amensty down our throats again
  213. Is there ANYTHING that global warming doesn't cause??
  214. 1.2 BILLION missing?!?!?!?!?
  215. TB Man Travellin the land Center for Dogma Control , Homeland Insecurity do NOTHING!
  216. The day I helped prevent the assassination of Dubya Gump
  217. A little closer to home
  218. Jena 6 update
  219. Cherokees Could Lose Federal Funds Over "Race Purifying"
  220. Stephen Colbert Announces as a Candidate for President
  221. Congress and You Toothless Redneck Nascar Fans
  222. Empire State Building to go green for Muslim holiday
  223. Stop the presidential campaign jet
  224. Gun Control and Yet another School Shooting
  225. Democrats: References to God banned on Capitol flag certificates
  226. Socialized Medicine: Good/Bad???
  227. All of those "New World Order Nuts" may be Right after all
  228. 2008 Canidate picker for President
  229. Bush backs Mexico, rapist-murderer
  230. George Bush's TORTURE CHAMBER FOR SALE!
  231. physical 'torture' vs. psychological 'torture'
  232. Finally, Someone treats Gore's Film as it DESERVES
  233. Firemen Fined for Shining Light on Gays Having Sex in Public Park
  234. Texas Student Booted From School for Wearing John Edwards T-Shirt
  235. Middle School Project Asks Kids To Defend Slavery
  236. Stop Halloween: The Muslims are Offended!!!
  237. SCHIPS: Republicans Denying Health Care to Poor Children?
  238. Vet cuts down Mexican flag flying OVER old Glory
  239. More Hillary Criminality!!!
  240. Country Music Stars Challenge Al-Qaeda With Patriotic New Song ‘Bomb New York’
  241. More "fair" drive-by media coverage
  242. Just for Wil
  243. Isn't it funny how so many religions come from a story in the sky?
  244. See through Frogs????
  245. US Navy to change Swastika shaped barracks
  246. Rosie O'Donnell invited to "hang with" the terrorists
  247. Kudos: Drive bys finally ask Hillary a tough question
  248. Jesus as a pot-bellied hippie: And yet no one dies
  249. Ted Nugent on Border Security
  250. No Ground Zero for Hitler Jr, Columbia Univ comes to rescue

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